Detroit Tigers Free Agents — What’s the Latest?

Brandon Lyon – Coming off one of his statistically worst seasons, he was awarded a three-year, $15 million deal with the Houston Astros. That deal is unbelievable for somebody not even solidified as the closer for the Astros. This past season he was clearly laboring on the mound, injuries that may have cost him precious mph for the future.

Fernando Rodney – If Angels fans weren’t sweating enough already with Brian Fuentes trying to find his way through a 9th inning, now Rodney will get the call for the Halos. His two-year, $11 million deal comes off as yet another over-the-top signing by these consistent winners. With all of the issues Rodney has had over the years, I can’t imagine he could have a better year this spring with that 33-year-old arm.

WashburnJarrod Washburn – At first it looked like a done deal for Washburn to be the next former Tiger to join the Twins (see Mike Maroth). That was until he turned down a $5 million deal to join Minnesota. He thinks he’s going to get more money on the market, and it looks like Milwaukee, the NY Mets and Kansas City could be up for his services. If he were to sign with the Royals and regain his form, he could add a nice punch to an improving Royals rotation.

Aubrey Huff – On Tuesday, he signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the San Francisco Giants. While $3 million doesn’t technically sound like a ton, consider that he hit sub .250 for most of last season. Also, would you believe he will be asked to hit clean up in San Fran? Thank goodness for that extremely short right-handed porch/cove.

Placido Polanco – Three-years and $18 million later and Polanco is heading to Philly’s South Side to play ball for the Phillies. Oddly enough, it was Polanco traded away to the Tigers from Philadelphia to make way for Chase Utley in the Ugueth Urbina trade. He did not have one of his better years this season (sounds familiar for most Tigers), but he can be a pitcher’s nightmare with 2 strikes.

Marcus Thames – The latest rumors find him heading to Kansas City, a team I think will surprise a number of teams in ’10. He and Johnny Gomes have been the two names repeatedly in rumors to join the squad. In the AL East, the Blue Jays and Yankees are both in search for a cost-efficient outfielder. Thames was previously a Yankee before joining the Tigers six years ago.