A Glimmer of Hope for Tiger Stadium As Wrecking Ball Nears

I knew the day was coming, but I wasn’t quite prepared to live it.  Yesterday, Tiger Stadium was surrounded by demolition workers who were erecting a fence and running cables over the roof.  Tiger Stadium’s days are officially numbered.

Last night I stumbled across a web site that gave me hope that all is not lost.  It’s the official site of The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy, which is the group led by Ernie Harwell and his agent Gary Spicer.

“The reports of Tiger Stadium’s demise are greatly exaggerated,” claims the group.  “For over a year The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy has been quietly working on a plan to preserve a significant portion of the beloved old ballpark.  Last summer, the Detroit City Council approved our plan.”

The Conservancy boasts of $8 million in tax credit financing and the fact that U.S. Senator Carl Levin is “working on our behalf to secure federal funding support for this project.”

For a link to the web site, click on the “Save Tiger Stadium” baseball below.