A Tigers Fan’s Guide to the 2012 World Series

Everything you need to know to enjoy the 2012 World Series and root on your Tigers. Keep yourself armed with the best information on Tigers World Series history and hear what we have to say when new history is made.

To celebrate the exciting post-season we’ve created this Tigers Fan’s Guide to the World Series. Whether you’re an avid fan or not, you’ll find something here to wet your appetite for the Fall Classic. Check back every day during the World Series for new content and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get real-time updates about the Tigers.

World Series Schedule

Game One:
Wed, October 24, 8 PM EST @ San Francisco Giants
Justin Verlander (DET) vs Barry Zito (SF)

Game Two:
Thu, October 25, 8 PM EST @ San Francisco Giants
Doug Fister (DET) vs Madison Bumgarner (SF)

Game Three:
Sat, October 27, 8 PM EST @ Comerica Park
Anibal Sanchez (DET) vs Ryan Vogelsong (SF)

Game Four:
Sun, October 28, 8 PM EST @ Comerica Park
Max Scherzer (DET) vs Matt Cain (SF)

Game Five (if necessary):
Mon, October 29, 8 PM EST @ Comerica Park
Justin Verlander (DET) vs Barry Zito (SF)

Game Six (if necessary):
Wed, October 31, 8 PM EST @  San Francisco Giants
Doug Fister (DET) vs Madison Bumgarner (DET)

Game Seven (if necessary:
Thu, November 1, 8 PM EST @  San Francisco Giants
Anibal Sanchez (DET) vs Ryan Vogelsong

The 2012 Detroit Tigers

Things you should know

  • Nine things you need to know about the San Francisco Giants
  • The Giants have the home field advantage for the World Series due to the National League’s victory in the All-Star Game in July. Tigers starter Justin Verlander was the losing pitcher in that game.
  • The Designated Hitter (DH) will be used during games played at Comerica Park in Detroit. In the games hosted by the Giants at AT&T Park, the pitcher will hit.
  • Instant replay is used during post-season games to determine balls in play in regards to whether they are fair or foul, or if they were home runs or not.
  • Umpire crews consist of six men: one behind the plate, one at each base, and one each down the left and right field lines.
  • Major League Baseball has complete control over game decisions in case of weather. A post-season game must be played in full, no abbreviated games (five inning official) games are allowed.
  • Rosters are capped at 25 players and are set before the Series begins. The rosters may be altered only if an injury occurs. The replacement player must be on the team’s 40-man roster.
  • In post-season games there are often many substitutions. If a team takes the DH and inserts him into a game to play defensively, they lose the use of the DH for the remainder of the game.
  • Per the labor agreement, gate receipts for the first four games of the World Series are split between players on both teams, as well as other teams that finished in top positions in their league. This money is split after the series and each team is allowed to vote on shares for players and other personnel.

History of the Detroit Tigers in the World Series

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