Deja Vu Detroit Lions Fans?

Lions fans have had it pretty easy this offseason. Sure, there are many question marks within the draft picks and some free agent signings may have been a little misguided. Jon Kitna is off suggesting 10 win seasons again and the back-and-forth on Roy Williams’ status has grown old. For one time in recent memory though, it is great NOT to be a Packers fan.

It was the summer of 1999 and an article landed in the Wichita Eagle explaining that he was finished. The letter that lead to such an article came from the hometown son who had gone to neighboring Oklahoma (St.) for his college ball before landing in the Pontiac Silverdome. The letter set off a very public and bitter battle between a team and its former star. The 1999 team did make the playoffs though, while rushing for a team total of nearly 250 yards less than Barry Sanders had done by himself the year before. Lions fans can be very sympathetic with Green Bay fans since we’ve been there before a mere nine summers ago. Now every team in the league cringes when they hear Brett Favre’s name.

For countless offseasons Favre has played with Packers fans hearts like John Popper plays his harmonica. The cities of Green Bay and De Pere are littered with signs of no. 4 from steakhouses and bar drinks to street names and children’s names. Favre has lifted a new generation of Packers fans to heights that had only previously been reached with a coach named Lombardi roaming the sidelines. His latest antics are nothing unusual, another recognition of his total disregard for Packers fans and the impending quarterback in waiting. On behalf of all Lions fans and Aaron Rodgers, hopefully Packers management leave Favre retired and on the bench.