Detroit style is the best style when it comes to sports gear

Would you want to wear a Miami Marlins cap every day? How about that monstrosity that is the New York Jets jersey? What about anything that has to do with the Charlotte Hornets?

Some fans have it tough when it comes to representing their favorite team. But in Detroit, we’re blessed with some of the best uniforms, colors, and gear in pro sports. And we make it look good.

Henrik Zetterberg rocking a Detroit Tigers fitted cap.

Henrik Zetterberg rocking a Detroit Tigers fitted cap.

The Old English D

There’s no way to improve upon the Old English D, which has graced Tigers uniforms in some manner since 1904. The Old English D is synonymous with the city. It’s perfect on the dark navy blue caps, it’s great in orange on a dugout jacket (see below), and it’s perfect on the breast of a jersey.

Fittingly, the Red Wings and Pistons have appropriated the Old English D at various times as well. The Red Wings have offered red caps with the “Tiger” Old English D, and the Pistons briefly used a similar “D” on warmup shirts in the 1970s.

It’s pretty cool for three teams in the same city to cross-brand a logo design like that, and since the “D” is so iconic in Detroit, it makes your wool cap or jersey timeless.

Bad Boys Street Cred

Detroit point guard Reggie Jackson wears a Bad Boys cap during the 2015-2016 season.

Is there anything more urban and hip and bada** than a Bad Boys era cap or t-shirt? The Bad Boys were the NBA’s most feared and hated team in the 1980s and early 1990s. But contrary to the torturously long documentary about “that team in Chicago,” the Pistons weren’t feared because they were a dirty team. They were loathed because they were damn good.

Led by mighty mite Isiah Thomas, fellow guard Joe Dumars, ultra-rebounder and defensive specialist Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, John Salley, James Edwards, and Vinnie Johnson, the Pistons won back-to-back titles and cemented their place as one of basketball’s greatest teams. Built on defense and tireless focus, the Pistons demoralized their opponents, including three straight playoff eliminations of Mr. Jordan’s team.

The Bad Boys collection of gear is still one of the best-selling in the NBA, and as long as those championship banners are hanging in the rafters, the black duds with skull and crossbones will be in style.

Iconic Winged Wheel Logo

The winged-wheel logo of the Detroit Red Wings is to the NHL what the interlocking “NY” is to Major League Baseball. Just as the Yankees signify excellence in their sport, the Red Wings are an iconic franchise on the ice. The Wings have 11 Stanley Cup titles, the most by any team in the United States, and they’ve had some of the game’s greatest players in the famed Red Wing sweater, including “Mr. Hockey,” Gordie Howe.

According to, the Red Wings red jersey is the best-selling jersey in the National Hockey League. It’s remained basically the same for decades. It’s been in famous movies, and it’s worn with pride in the Great Lakes State, which loves hockey like a religion.

Honolulu…Whatever You Call It…Blue

Sometimes the Lions get overlooked. Sometimes it’s for good reason, such as one playoff win in the last 30 years. With a title drought that goes back to the 1950s, and exactly zero appearances in the Super Bowl, the Lions get shuffled to the back of the deck a lot.

But their home uniforms and helmet logo are pretty nice. Say what you will about Honolulu Blue (who came up with that anyway), it’s not too busy or flashy, and remains a solid look. The Lion logo has underwent some changes, but it’s still an iconic logo, even if it doesn’t always strike fear in the hearts of opponents. A “Property Of…” tee-shirt is still a great item for a fan of any gender.

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