Ernie Harwell’s Video Tribute and Farewell Speech

His thoughtfulness and grace never cease to amaze all who know him.  Even at a time like this.  What we are witnessing this week are, very likely, the last public appearances of Ernie Harwell.  His incurable cancer will soon have him too frail and weak to leave his home.  The consummate gentleman is sharing his last good moments with his fans.

There is no one more beloved by the people of Michigan than Ernie Harwell — and that love and admiration is well deserved.  Mr. Harwell has been a part of our lives for nearly 50 years.  He’s been a guest in all of our homes, our automobiles, and our businesses on countless occasions through the airwaves.  He’s brought us some of the greatest moments of joy and of sorrow.  He’s been our one constant in an ever changing world.  He was a good man when he came to us.  He’s even a better man as he says goodbye.

We love you, Ernie.  Always have, always will.  Thank you for all the special gifts you have bestowed upon us.  You will live forever in our hearts.