How much do you know about Tiger Stadium history?

ef3adee144e5bbbb15bb5dccb15d3ff2Think you know your Tiger Stadium history? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Here’s a pop quiz to find out. Relax, nobody’s grading you. But consider yourself a super fan if you can correctly answer all 10 questions.

1. Who did the Tigers play in their final home opener at Tiger Stadium in 1999?

2. What season was the warning track installed in the Tigers’ outfield?

3. In 1932, this future Hall of Famer slugged nine homers at Navin Field, the most ever hit in a single season by a visiting player at The Corner. Name him. (Hint: It was NOT Babe Ruth.)

4. Ernie Harwell broadcast from Michigan and Trumbull for the first time in 1954—but not for the Tigers. Which club was he the radio voice of at the time?

5. When did the Tigers hold their first Bat Day?

6. What year were the first National Football League games played at Michigan and Trumbull?

7. Who was the last pitcher to hit a home run at Tiger Stadium?

8. On April 17, 1955, the Tigers blitzed Kansas City, 16-0, at Briggs Stadium. That afternoon Al Kaline became the first American Leaguer since Joe DiMaggio in 1936 to accomplish this rare feat. What was it?

9. On October 4, 1987, Frank Tanana beat Toronto, 1-0, to clinch the Eastern Division pennant for the Tigers. Whose home run provided the only run of the game?

10. On September 25, 1928, the Tigers played before their smallest crowd ever—just 404 people. Name their opponent that afternoon.

– – – – – – – – –


1. Minnesota. The Tigers lost, 1-0, in 12 innings.
2. 1946
3. Jimmie Foxx of the Philadelphia Athletics.
4. Ernie was broadcasting for the Baltimore Orioles.
5. The first Bat Day promotion was a doubleheader against the Kansas City Athletics on August 9, 1964.
6. 1921
7. Lindy McDaniel of the New York Yankees. He homered off Mickey Lolich on September 28, 1972.
8. Kaline hit two home runs in one inning.
9. Larry Herndon
10. Boston Red Sox