Jim Leyland and the Four Magic Words

We may never know what Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland said to his players in his post-game tirade after their 11-0 Sunday drubbing in Chicago.  I’m sure the culmination of two solid weeks of frustration and embarrassment wasn’t pretty.

What we do know about Leyland’s past philosophy can be summed up in four words: Play all nine innings. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But I swear since the 2008 season started the talent-laden Tigers seemed to have forgotten their leader’s message.  It’s hard to believe that a team with so many stars could be hanging their heads by the fifth inning — but that’s exactly what was happening.

All that seemed to change in last night’s thrilling come-from-behind-never-say-die victory.  Although the pitching wasn’t pretty, the Tigers battled back several times with impressive offensive surges that appeared to be fueled by inspiration.

Who knows?  After screaming at his team on Sunday in Chicago, what may have come across the loudest were four simple words.


One reply on “Jim Leyland and the Four Magic Words

  • Nick

    Good call. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leyland has mentioned this in recent days. I believe “Play All 9 Innings”, or something close to it, is on their 2006 AL Championship rings.

    BTW: I went to the game tonight, and it was easily the best game I can recall being at since 2005. Magglio (He’s my Tiger) homered, and the game was exciting from beginning to end.

    AND they had an XXL in the Road Warrior jacket that I just returned! I finally got that jacket after more than a year looking for the right size.

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