Lions Need to Avoid Pacman

Coach Jim Schwartz has had a strong affinity for former Titans players as shown by the recent signing of players like Kyle Vanden Bosch. The Vanden Bosch signing was a great touch for the Lions not only for the Pro Bowl player that the team was bringing in, but also the great community citizen that he represented when he was in Lincoln, Phoenix and Nashville. Curtis Granderson was popular in this town for many of the same reasons – sometimes being a solid member of the community will make your stock that much higher. The same cannot be said for Adam “Pacman” Jones.

We live in a country where second and third chances are the norm. Where else can a celebrity get in a substance abuse or a sex scandal, and within a year, come back to win a championship or a top award in their field? Sometimes though there is something called too many chances and I think with Pacman, he’s reached that point.

I recall his West Virginia days where he was a real threat on the field. Off the field he was apparently a similar threat and was red-flagged by many teams in advance of the NFL Draft. His many offenses often involve weapons, late evenings, women and alcohol. With a music and wrestling career on the side, it also can be said that the NFL has been a low priority for him. Combined with a neck injury while playing for the Cowboys, Jones is in search for a team and he’s looking to the Lions for being that team.

With all of the good things that have happened to the Lions over the past few weeks, why would they derail anything because they hope to change someone who has shown that he won’t change for anyone. If he didn’t chance for Jerry Jones in Dallas, why would he change in a Lions uniform for a losing team?

Adam “Pacman” Bernard Jones is a talented athlete who needs to prove he’s a changed citizen before he can cash a check from an NFL team.

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