Lions Spurned Again by Cutler Trade

With the NFL Draft finally a couple of weeks away, the NFC North rival Chicago Bears have sent a huge warning flare to all oncomers with their latest trade to pry (maybe entice would be a better term) Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos. Following word of the deal, it was clear that the price that the Chiefs paid to get Matt Cassel now looked to be the equivalent of a flea market deal. Two first rounders and Kyle Orton is quite a price to pay when you have a lot of holes to fill (see Lions), but when your weakest link is likely your QB, this deal may have been the perfect price for the Bears.

So where do the Lions go from here? Matthew Stafford has had some solid workouts lately and remains enticing with pick no. 1. There is no doubt that the Lions will pick a QB sometime in this year’s draft, but it may not necessarily come in the top market position. Baylor’s Jason Smith (see below) or Wake Forest’s Aaron Curry seem to be the safe picks at number one with a solid LB coming at pick 20. Since the Lions have been on the clock following loss number 16, it seems that the chances of signing their star draft pick before his name is announced in New York is as tough as determining who that first pick will be.

Baylor's Jason Smith is considered by many as Detroit's top target

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