Meet Ty Cobb’s Great Nephew

One of the coolest things about owning a sports store next to an historic ballpark is being able to meet a lot of interesting people.  Over the years, we’ve had U.S. Senators, mayors, famous media personalities, ball players, hall of famers, announcers, etc., come through our door.

Among the interesting folks are the descendants of Detroit’s sports legends.  In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of shaking the hands of people related to Charlie Gehringer, Hank Greenberg, Frank Navin, Walter O. Briggs, and many, many others.  There is a virtual extended family of Tigers legends who either still live in Michigan or come back to visit from time to time.

One of the most animated decsendents of a Tigers legend we have as a customer is Danny Cobb, the great nephew of Ty Cobb.  Ty was Danny’s grandfather’s brother.  What makes his lineage even more interesting is the resemblance — both physical and characteristic — that Danny bears to his famous relative.

Danny, 53, is what you’d expect Ty Cobb to be like if you could meet him.  He’s outgoing, intense, and full of a charismatic energy.  When Danny’s in the store, his voice booms throughout the building.  He has a sense of presence — and you know with certainty that his veins are flowing with Cobb blood. 

On his most recent visit, Danny explained to us that the Cobb family first landed in Massachusetts.  Then half of the Cobb clan headed to Utah and the other half to Georgia.  Danny’s grandfather, Leon Cobb, was a doctor — and the first Surgeon General of Wayne County.  When his family came to Michigan, they bought the Z Farms in Ortonville.

According to Danny, his father, now in his eighties, strikes an uncanny resemblance to Ty.  He’s promised to bring him in one day to meet us. 

Danny works for Ford Motor Company at the Rouge Plant in Dearborn.  He resides in Allen Park.

The next time you’re at a Tigers game, give some thought to who’s sitting next to you.  They just may be descendants of your heroes.

Danny Cobb, 53, the great nephew of Detroit Tigers legend Ty Cobb.

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  • Ron Standridge

    I’m working on our family tree, and my Dad’s Grandmother was Lizie Ann Cobb. I was told we were related to Ty, but I’m trying to confirm it. Any help with the year(s) the Cobbs arrive in Massachusetts, and their first names, would be greatly appreciated.
    My family was from the area where Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina connect.
    Ron Standridge

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