No. 1 Pick/Signing

The rumors earlier this offseason that the Pistons were going for a former first round pick (Carlos Delfino) were apparently true. In this case, that first round pick happened to be actually a former no. 1 pick. Kwame Brown, the much maligned big man who Michael Jordan brought in to be a star for the Wizards, is now the latest member of the 2008-9 Detroit Pistons squad.

The signing of Brown is clearly a project signing much like the draft choices of Walter Sharpe or previously Amir Johnson had been. He clearly has great size and has shown flashes of greatness in his past. His near 8 points and 6 rebounds a game won’t necessarily set the floor on fire, that is, if he is able to stay out of trouble from the beginning. He has been riddled with accusations and assault charges over the past three years as he bounced from Washington to Los Angeles to Memphis. This 2-year, $8 million deal seems to smell of a similar failure to that of Nazr Mohammed for the Pistons or Jose Mesa for the Tigers. For a player who has shown no remorse for his sparring with Gilbert Arenas or any respect for the players that he has been teamed with, it would be a tremendous surprise to see him gel with the Pistons core.