Pistons Avoid Cavs’ Losing Ways

My apologies to Spartans fans, but it seems that pretty much anything with a green connection right now is heading in the opposite direction of success. First, MSU basketball struggles with basement dwellers Iowa and Indiana, next owner Dan Gilbert has gone from alienating the leagues’ top talent to running one of the worst teams in NBA history. When the Pistons took on the Cleveland Cavaliers last night in Ohio’s major city on Lake Erie, the woeful Pistons just needed to win to avoid helping the Cavs skirt history. Instead, Detroit became victorious and we can all rest easier now that Detroit is legitimately a team with a small playoff chance.

Playoffs??!!?? In the extremely weak Eastern Conference, being 12+games under .500 at season’s end may be good enough. We’re not talking the most powerful conference ever to grace the NBA, and this just feels like a down season. Look at the players really grabbing the headlines this season, why are the ‘Melo trade rumors always at the top of the NBA news next to the Cavs losing streak? This year is weak for the league and it shows across the board.

If you’re a Cavaliers fan in this whole mess, a 25-game losing streak is the latest streak of futility to strike the Ohio town. As a Tigers fan, I find great joy in seeing the city of the team that broke up the perfect game last June suffer through as many losses as possible. Between the Indians, Browns and Cavaliers, Cleveland sports are really at the bottom of the barrel. With the Pistons still yet to play the Cavs a few more times this year, maybe I should wait to crack out the champagne – because, as Cleveland fans know, they invented “next year.”