Pistons Not Quite the Bad Boys They Used To Be

Off court antics are easier to forgive for guys who win championships. So fans aren’t in a forgiving mood these days after the Pistons blew game 6 of the Conference Finals at The Palace of Auburn Hills to the Boston Celtics. I am surprised at the number of people I hear saying that the Pistons should get rid of Rashid Wallace.

Despite Wallace’s foul mouth and nasty attitude, the 2007-08 Detroit Pistons just weren’t bad enough to claim the Bad Boys moniker. But are they on the verge of becoming even badder? A great deal depends on how the Pistons’ front office handles things in the off season.

I’m not ready to throw Rasheed under the bus just yet. In fact, I rather enjoy his intensity and determination. I can live with a few expletives from time to time if it means a great season and a shot at a title. Wallace is incredible under pressure and inspires his teammates. He’s the type of player who would come back to haunt the Pistons if he were to be traded.

While this year’s team didn’t quite have what it takes to win it all, there is no reason to doubt that they will be right back in the thick of things next year. Maybe then they will prove they are bad enough to earn the nickname Bad Boys once again. Keeping Rasheed Wallace — their baddest player — will be a key component to making that happen.


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  • Nick

    I am SO close to throwing Rasheed under the bus and have been since he left Horry alone in the 2005 Finals. His 12 points a game for a big man his size are pretty sad. For someone with his skills, he should be dropping 20 points/10 boards a game… at least in the playoffs.

    I’ve heard a lot of fans ready to ship Rasheed and Tayshaun, and it might not be the worst thing to do. I don’t agree with the possibilities of trading Chauncey or Rip. I do like the idea of maybe moving Rip to a small forward and starting Stuckey at the other guard. The Pistons need a true center… Sheed is not a center and his play in the playoffs for the past four years has killed us.

    The way they lost to Boston really disappointed me and really showed me how much of a Pistons and basketball fan I am. I love the Pistons. I want them to do well and I think we’ll still have a shot for another two or three years. I hope Dice and Hunter stick around to win it with us if we should make it back.

    Lots of money coming off the books. Dumars has his work cut out for him…

    I was so upset Friday night, but I was actually laughing because it was so bad. When Tayshaun had the ball stolen at the end of the 4th, I laughed. I knew it was over when we blew the ten point lead in all but two minutes, but I’m glad I watched the entire game and got to see so many fans get up and leave early.


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