Pistons Trade Benefits All

When the Pistons traded Mr. Big Shot away within the season’s first week, it was thought initially that the Nuggets had packed in their season. Recently, that thinking changed based on the fact that the Nuggets have seemingly meshed faster and have been more successful than the Pistons. By taking a look at the standings the Nuggets have clearly benefited from Billups’ services, but now with McDyess back in the lineup, it will be difficult to find a real loser in this trade.

For this trade to end up being successful in the end, Michael Curry will continue to be tested. The Thanksgiving practice was a little much for his arrogant squad, but a necessity for a team that only plays six days a week (see this year’s record on Sundays). Even with their current winning record, Curry needs to push his team in ways other than holiday practices or media call-outs. Perhaps, the role may be up to Joe Dumars to get some new pieces to complement A.I.

Going into February’s trade deadline, the Pistons will need an extra component to assist in the playoff push. The Eastern Conference has four viable teams in the Celtics, Magic, Cavaliers and Hawks, which translates into a more difficult road if the Pistons want a seventh straight conference final. For the Pistons to succeed in the playoffs, a trade to acquire a player like Shawn Marion or Tracy McGrady would be a strong addition to a team dominated by guards.