Ranking Detroit’s Sports Owners

Sports Illustrated recently came out with a poll ranking the best and worst owners of professional sports teams and it is no surprise how Detroit’s owners fared. Following the recent passing of Bill Davidson it is difficult to gauge how the Pistons will run over the upcoming years. However, we can focus on how Detroit’s other two owners have fared in their respective sports.

Mike Ilitch, 79 – The Little Caesars owner has the rare distinction of owning two different franchises in this town. Up until recently, it would have been easy to argue that Tigers fans thought that Ilitch had forgotten his ownership of the ball club.

Comerica Park has his touches all over it along with a recent push to bring a baseball champion back to Detroit. The rankings placed him unanimously as the top owner in the NHL and toward the middle of the rankings amongst MLB owners.

William Clay Ford, 84 – This octogenarian is celebrating his 45th year of owning one of the NFL’s arguable worst franchises.

Ford’s $5 million investment may be nearly 200 times that amount today, but all he has to show for it on the football field is one playoff win. His teams have a .411 winning percentage during that period along with a host of futility records.

The rankings place him second amongst owners trailing only Al Davis. At least Al has four championships and more memorable moments to his name.

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