Rick Porcello Could Change Everything for Tigers

I have a feeling Detroit Tigers number one draft pick (2007) Rick Porcello will be on a plane to Detroit less than a month from now.

Porcello is impressing the heck out of everybody in Spring Training — and his sinking fastball is driving opposing hitters wild.  Even teammate superstar Miguel Cabrera couldn’t seem to connect with it during a friendly confrontation last month.

More than likely (though I don’t think it’s necessary) the Tigers will have a five-man starting rotation.  After the shaky performances of Zach Miner, Nate Robertson, and Dontrelle Willis, it is becoming more likely that Porcello, 20, will be given a chance.

Porcello is an impressive figure on the mound.  He measures out at 6′ 5″ and 200 lbs (identical to Justin Verlander).  The main problem is his age.  Two months ago he was a teenager.

But the Tigers are in a position to take a chance on Porcello.  If he could piece together a rookie season anything close to Verlander’s in 2006, having Porcello in the rotation could change everything for the Tigers.  Even a 10 win season (Verlander won 17) would make him a viable number five man.

Hope springs eternal, indeed.  Right now, Rick Porcello has become my reason to be hopeful about the Tigers prospects for this season and beyond.  Mr. Leyland, bring Porcello with you to Detroit.