Rip Reigns Again

His soundbites have made more noise lately than his game. He was once the reason why the Pistons were who they were – he defined determination and hard work and his game was as blue collar as the city he represented and the one he came from. Being a champion at UConn, then the Pistons, was seemingly so long ago. On Wednesday night, Rip Hamilton decided to prove that his game still has plenty in the tank.

The Toronto Raptors are definitely not the greatest challenge that the Pistons will face all season. While that may be the case, it was not that many nights ago when the Raptors turned a 25-point deficit into a cakewalk against a defenseless Pistons squad. On a normal 1 of 82 game night this would have been the case, Rip Hamilton instead decided that he would score more than a point a minute and let his jump shot do the talking.

Hamilton and his teammates combined to put together one of the best games this season for a Pistons team with a “for sale” sign in front of the Palace. This team has been more bland than fantastic, and it seems that when the team is on – they’re all on together. I’ve mentioned in the past that I would not spend one dollar on a team that really doesn’t care or share the identity of the city in which it plays. I may have to take that b