The Unwritten Rules of Sports

I’m making a pilgrimage for the fifth time shortly to one of my favorite American cities – Las Vegas. The city is so outrageous and unrealistic that it actually becomes a well received break from the daily grind. Much like I’ve learned during my previous visits to Sin City, casino and club goers have a set of unwritten rules that they need to abide by with the threat of being ridiculed by fellow patrons. Sports are no different and those rules can have bigger payback than a scowl from a blackjack dealer.

Here are some at the top of my head.  What other rules are unwritten?

BASEBALL — Announcers, players and fans do not mention a no-hitter that is in progress; a bunt cannot end a no-hitter and an intentional hit-by-pitch cannot end a perfect game; when coming to the plate you do not cross in front of the catcher; when waiting for a pitcher to warm up, the player waits near his own dugout; when blowing out a team you do not take multiple pitches; a pitcher waits in the dugout until his stat line is completed

HOCKEY — When a fight is about to begin, do not fake out dropping your gloves; do not celebrate an empty net goal; don’t shoot the puck on net after the whistle blows; do not intentionally slide snow into the goalie’s face

BASKETBALL — Do not make plays to specifically enhance your stats; do not shoot 3-pointers with a big lead and plenty of time on the shot clock; don’t use a full-court press when your team has a large lead

FOOTBALL — Always take a knee when you have the ball and the lead late in a game; never keep all of your starters in when leading by a lot; never call for a fake punt or onside kick when leading by a lot