Tiger Stadium Demolition Rumored to Begin Next Week

Rumor has it that demolition of Tiger Stadium is to begin at the end of next week.  The guys with the construction helmets have been milling around again — and every indication is the wrecking ball isn’t too far behind them. 

The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy is running out of time to come up with the money it would take to preserve some portion of the ball park.  According to sources, demolition is going to begin in the outfield areas with the intention of preserving the stadium from third base to first.  If the money isn’t raised, the bulldozers and cranes will keep on trucking.

If you were planning a pilgrimage to The Corner to see Tiger Stadium one last time, I wouldn’t wait much longer.  I’m sure the wrecking will start unannounced and will be reported as “breaking news” on the local TV stations.

I’d like to propose a new slogan for Detroit: Save Tiger Stadium, Tear Down Kwame.  The $10 million-plus of taxpayer money he wasted in the whistle-blower lawsuit and settlement would have been plenty to preserve Detroit’s incredible baseball history at The Corner.  Once again, Detroit politics trumps common sense. 


2 replies on “Tiger Stadium Demolition Rumored to Begin Next Week

  • Nick

    Every time you write a blog about Tiger Stadium, it pains me, because I know it’s not going to be good news. I have read that the group that was trying to raise money has in fact come up with the close to $400,000. I still doubt that the city will allow the field to stand even as the infield from first to third. They want that space and those lots for “bigger and better” things.

    I’m going to try my best to drive down tomorrow to take one last walk around The Corner. If I do, I’ll be sure to stop in.

  • Deaner

    I’m hoping that she can hang on for a few more weeks. My dad is coming up from West Virginia for the June 24th game vs. the Cardinals. He’s a big fan of the ’68 Tigers and I was hoping to take him by Tiger Stadium before going to Comerica Park.

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